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Smaller Churches BookSmaller Churches: Real Possibilities for Hard Times offers more useful resources for churches of less than 100 worshipers than any other resource. It’s full of proven ideas, real life experience of many churches, useable resources, the accumulated wisdom of the best thinkers about smaller churches, pregnant illustrations and stories, a roadmap for the future, and more. You’ll find a small theology to undergird smaller church life; all the theory you need to understand these churches; chapters on worship, nurture and caring, mission, evangelism, morale and self-esteem, money, the future of smaller churches, and pastoring such churches. Each chapter ends with Bible study, discussion questions, and suggestions for action making it a superb book for study groups. This book can bring new life and hope to any smaller church looking for it.

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Smaller Churches: Real Possibilities for Hard Times

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About the Author

David RayDavid Ray has pastored five rejuvenated smaller churches, is the author of five of the most used and valued books about such churches (Small Churches Are the Right Size, The Big Small Church Book, Wonderful Worship in Smaller Churches, The Indispensable Guide for Smaller Churches) and this most comprehensive and current book concerning smaller churches. He’s been a speaker and program leader for over a dozen denominations throughout the U.S. and Canada, taught at several seminaries, and a part-time staff for four regional judicatories. He lives in Maine and spends part of the year as pastor of a small, dynamic international church in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. He’s available to consult, speak, and provide program leadership with pastors, congregations, seminaries, continuing education programs, and denominations.

David Ray Can Help You If:

  • You’re a church with less than 100 worshipers facing hard challenges
  • You need a teacher/program leader for an educational course about smaller churches
  • You need a speaker for a gathering about smaller churches
  • You need a preacher, worship leader, leader of a study group
  • You need a resource to help develop a course of action for congregations facing difficult choices
  • You want a leader for a traveling road show concerning small churches
  • You want a problem solver to help determine a course of action

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. . . since taking this course, I have fallen in love with my parish all over again. . . I now have the courage to step out in faith to try new things and ask the questions that need to be asked. . . I now feel more confident with the wealth of material you handed out. . .[it’s] practical and provides a useful guide to small churches.

—Diane Monte-Catania, pastor of a UCC parish in CT


He is one of the few great thinkers in the area of small church life.

—Hal Harrison, former VT Assoc. Conference Minister